Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top 5 Summer Fundraisers

There are a lot of fundraisers that work great in the summer. With the summer winding down here are our top Summer Fundraisers:

5) Frisbee Tournament-  Talk with city officials in charge of a local park, and ask if you can host an ultimate frisbee tournament. Get your friends from different high schools, and ask them to make teams from there school. Charge each team $5 per teammate, and sell concessions. 

4) Cashola Night- Ask a local restaurant or ice cream shop if they would help you with a cashola night. This means that on a designated night Operation Smile would get some percentage of their profit from that night. Then promote on Facebook, Twitter, and just about anywhere. 

3) Yard Sale- Have your club members send out a flyer to their neighbors listing a certain day your club  can pick up their old stuff for your fundraiser. Collect the stuff and start pricing. Then pick a date that works well (and maybe coincides with a neighborhood-wide yard sale) and start promoting that. Call the local newspapers to see if they have a section that promotes yard sales, and let all your Facebook friends know. If you want sell baked goods.

2) Good Old Fashioned Bake and Lemonade Sale- This is an easy fundraiser,  for it involves minimal planning. Find a busy place such as a back to school store, and make sure it is okay if you set up near them. With all that back to school shopping people will really need some lemonade or cookies. 

1) Car Wash- Make this the best car wash ever by finding a busy place to wash. Even try and get in contact with a local car dealership, and see if you can wash the cars in front of them.  Make sure everyone in your club brings something that will help, because this is a fundraiser that can cost almost no money for your club!

At all these events make sure you wear Operation Smile t-shirts, and have plenty of posters and brochures, so that everyone can know what a worthwhile cause you are helping.

We hope your try one of these end of the summer fundraising ideas, but you can always use them during the year.

With Love,
Alexandra and Arielle

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