Tuesday, August 16, 2011

ISCE 2011

This year's International Student Cultural Exchange was absolutely amazing! As we stated in an earlier post, the student conference brought over 750 students from 23 countries to Beijing, China to enjoy new cultural experiences, grow as strong, dedicated, philanthropic leaders, and become inspired by those who came to speak to us. Fortunately, Operation Smile Student Programs is currently working very hard to keep this year's ISCE memories alive so that students can share their experiences with their friends and families.

Here are some ways that you can view the various aspects of the conference, connect with your friends involved in Operation Smile, and just follow daily updates on Operation Smile's social network profiles!

ISCE Blog and Photos

ISCE Keynote Speakers

Operation Smile Student Programs Facebook Group

Operation Smile's Official Facebook

Operation Smile's Official Twitter

With love,
Arielle and Alexandra :)

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