Tuesday, August 16, 2011


With all the technology that we use nowadays, it is actually so much easier to spread awareness and raise funds for Operation Smile! We want to present to our followers TWO new strategies that we are using to spread the word about OpSmile.

What better way to raise funds for Operation Smile than to advocate the organization on your birthday? Arielle is turning 18 on September 5th (woohoo!) and instead of asking for material gifts, she decided to create an official Birthday Wish on Facebook. For her Birthday Wish, Arielle asked all of her friends to donate $18 to Operation Smile's Official Cause! Facebook automatically puts "Top Donors" and "Sidekicks" on the sides of each Birthday Wish page so that people will be urged to donate more and more to the cause. She also created a public event to make her Birthday Wish more known to the Facebook community. If you want to create your own Birthday Wish for Operation Smile, make sure you create it several days before your actual birthday so your friends will have more time to donate! HELP ARIELLE REACH HER GOAL OF $240 FOR OPERATION SMILE (THE COST OF ONE CHILD'S SURGERY)!

Her Birthday Wish: Arielle's Birthday Wish

The Facebook Event: Birthday Wish Event

Another great way to bring smiles to children around the world is to create a OneSmile fundraising page.   From the Operation Smile website: This summer, join the ISCE OneSmile Challenge with other students around the world and create a personal fundraising page with a goal of $240 to provide a life-changing surgery for a child waiting for their chance to smile. From now until 3:30 p.m. EST September 1, share your OneSmile page with your friends and family to help provide surgery for children born with facial deformities. The top 5 fundraisers to the ISCE OneSmile Challenge will receive free admission to the 2012 student conference! (Travel is not included.)
Arielle just created her own OneSmile fundraising page! Please donate and together we can change the lives of thousands of children waiting for their chance to live a normal life. BE THE CHANGE!

With love,
Arielle and Alexandra

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